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Mission Statement

Each day at Event Realms is an opportunity to narrow the divide between in-person and virtual events and to advocate for the necessary inclusion of both in our client’s marketing efforts. By leveraging the latest, most proven industry innovations and technologies, Event Realms aims to deliver powerful and engaging live events along with immersive, results-driven digital event experiences that replicate their face-to-face counterparts while cost-effectively expanding both audience reach and experiential marketing options for our clients.


Events Today

Events are the most popular (and powerful) customer engagement tool there is.
With nearly 1/3 of an organization’s bottom line attributable to event initiatives, the need for them will never change.
What is changing however is the way people attend events.
A revolution is underway in today’s meeting and event industry that is redefining how (and from where) an event’s content is consumed and how an event’s overall success is measured.
The presumptive “if-you-host-it-they-will-come” attitude towards live events and their attendees is simply unsustainable in this digital era of ever-increasing information / media options.
People no longer wait – or have the time – for that annual conference or tradeshow to find the information, networking opportunities or industry insight they seek.
Instead, they are looking year-round in other places and, more often than not, those other places are online in the form of live or on-demand content.
For live event producers, these online information / engagement seekers represent a huge, largely untapped market of potential offsite, “virtual” attendees and are the reason that an event’s worth can no longer be measured solely within the confines of its venues’ four walls.
And just as event attendance as a whole evolves, so too are the expectations of current live event attendees themselves, who, in light of technological advancements, are increasingly demanding more engaging, customizable and content-relevant experiences that align with their own personal goals and lifestyle.
The bottom line is this:
If you don’t connect in new and engaging ways with both live, in-person attendees AND remote, online attendees via digital or hybrid events, you’re letting the competition get ahead of you.
Event Realms will help you navigate this new event landscape and “futureproof” your event portfolio.

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What We Do

Event Realms is a full-service event agency that offers a revolutionary new approach to events.
We provide cradle-to-grave planning and execution of the following 3 types of events:

1. In-Person

Traditional, live events existing within the face-to-face “physical” realm

2. Digital

Non-traditional (yet rapidly growing) online events existing 100% within the “virtual” realm

3. Hybrid

A combination of an in-person and a digital/virtual event, more commonly known as a “hybrid” event


Event Technology

Something extraordinary usually happens during a live event to enhance an attendee’s experience at it (and recollection of it).  Usually, that “something” is technology driven.  For example, at Super Bowl 51 attendee expectations were taken for a ride, literally, with NASA’s “Future Flight” simulation, a shared VR experience that took them to Mars and back!
Technology, strategically integrated, can increase attendee engagement and interaction, boost brand awareness and improve overall event efficiency and profitability – all while keeping guests and sponsors coming back year after year.
Let us show you how technology can make your next live event truly memorable.

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Why Us

It’s hard enough overseeing a traditional live event portfolio. But incorporating a web-based event strategy AND event technology solutions to enhance – or even replace – that portfolio? Now that can be daunting! For starters, how do you find an agency that has the experience and training in all these facets needed for success?


Our years of training in live and digital events is surpassed only by our years of practical event management experience and our passion to provide the best possible service and return on investment to our clients. Let us help your organization seamlessly bridge the physical and virtual event “realms” to create cost-effective, engaging and productive event experiences.

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