Who we are

Event Realms was founded by Kevin Halfpenny.  A native of Nova Scotia, Kevin possesses over 15 years of event management experience spanning numerous industries.  Kevin’s fascination with the growing convergence between the physical and virtual event “realms” led him to pursue a Digital Event Strategist certification from the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), a leading authority in the global meetings and conventions industry.

Kevin Halfpenny, Owner

An MBA graduate from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Kevin is one of the less than 1% of event professionals in North America who holds the designation of Certified Trade Show Marketer from Northern Illinois University.  In 2013, he was featured in a PCMA article about the future of virtual events which you can read by clicking the link below.

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Today’s Event Landscape

Big changes are coming to the global meetings and event industry…and quickly!

A Perfect Storm is Set to Hit The Meetings and Events Space

Though the value of in-person events is undeniable, the costs associated with them are ever increasing. Whether related to travel, accommodation, food and beverage or even time itself (spent away from home or office), these costs are a major deterrent to event producers and attendees alike. The need to control these high costs, combined with increasingly popular online and in-person event technologies, is ushering in a new era in the way buyers and sellers come together. Leading the march into this new event reality is an entire generation of future event goers raised on handheld devices that will not only come to value, but expect, web-based alternatives or – at a minimum – enhancements to live events that accommodate their busy, digitally connected lives.

Live Events Are Only the
Tip of the Attendee

For every person who attends a live event, thousands more just like them are searching elsewhere for the same solution.  Rather than attend in person, these people are using cheaper, more convenient ways to find the information they’re looking for – namely their computers or handheld devices.  In order to convert these non-attendees to potential remote attendees, event producers are increasingly making all, or portions, of their event available online.  What’s more, advancements in computer generated graphics and virtual / augmented realities are creating truly immersive online event experiences – blurring the line between actually being there and not.

Let Event Realms Guide You Through This New Event Reality

We offer one of the most comprehensive and dynamic suite of event solutions and technologies available in the market.
Unlike our competitors, we look beyond the brick-and-mortar confines of physical events to include fully web-based and hybrid events that connect people globally in ways that are just as engaging and productive as in-person ones. The inclusion of more cost-effective virtual and hybrid events to our traditional face-to-face event offerings gives our customers greater flexibility than ever before within their budgetary and/or geographic constraints. The result is a more level event “playing field” where virtually anyone in the world can either host or attend high quality, immersive events from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.
And although one of our goals is to expand event reach beyond the physical realm, we are conscious never to lose sight of our core passion and the reason we got into this business in the first place – live, in person events. At the end of the day, we understand that it is within an event’s four walls where the magic truly happens and where those irreplaceable face-to-face interactions and connections are made. However, as live attendee appetites for more relevant, engaging and interactive experiences increases, so to do their expectations around onsite accessibility to these types of experiences. By infusing cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, mixed reality and location-based applications into our client’s live events, we aim to shatter attendee expectations and create truly memorable experiences that will keep guests and sponsors alike coming back again and again.
Regardless of your specific needs, we will be with you every step of the way – from conception to post-event analysis – delivering innovative and flawlessly executed events and event technology solutions that span the physical world, the digital world and all points in between.

Customer Benefits

Partnering with Events Realms will help:

Expand Event Options

We not only craft stellar live events for our clients but also less expensive – yet equally effective – virtual and hybrid event experiences.

Improve Productivity

Adding virtual events to your event portfolio means less time away from the office and more time at work – resulting in greater business productivity.

Save Money

Virtual and hybrid events bring customers and staff together for less without sacrificing attendee engagement, enjoyment or message retention.

Extend Reach of Your Events

Digital and hybrid events cast a wider net to target interested and relevant attendees beyond just those physically present. Live event technology solutions also allow attendees more opportunities to share “en masse” their onsite experiences via social media.

Extend Longevity of Your Events

Give your live event a “legacy” and added memorability either by recording portions of its content and making it accessible online, on-demand 24/7 – either free of charge or pay per view – or by incorporating engaging and interactive event technology solutions.

Generate Additional Revenue Streams

Offering pay-per-view content from a live event via a virtual or hybrid event platform, along with online event sponsorships and advertising opportunities, can help to greatly increase overall event revenue and ROI.

Improve Brand Perception

Position your company as a thought leader and innovator in the eyes of your customers through the adoption of digital and live event technology solutions.

Improve Connectivity With Your Customers

Online events offer more touchpoints with today’s “mobile buyers” who more actively conduct independent research online and who no longer rely on one major event to get all their information.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Providing engaging, online content and education to those who can’t attend in-person is a great value-add to customers. What’s more, infusing your live events with expectation-shattering technology solutions onsite is a surefire way to ensure that they come back again and again.

Drive Future Live Event Attendance

A recent study by Freeman showed that virtual and hybrid events drive in-person event attendance with approximately 1 in 4 virtual attendees choosing to go to the on-site event the following year.

Ensure Convenience and Peace of Mind

Simplify your face-to-face marketing initiatives by working with an all-in-one events provider equally adept at in-person and virtual events.

Obtain Real-Time Attendee Analysis & Feedback

Instantly track attendee activity and feedback – at an individual or group level – either within a digital event environment or through the use of interactive, location-based onsite event technology solutions.

Demonstrate Corporate Responsibility

Adopting green digital and hybrid event technologies conveys organizational thought leadership around issues of environmental sustainability to customers and shareholders.

Create Lucrative Opportunities for eLearning

By introducing an online education and certification component to their existing live events, member organizations can create an additional source of non-dues revenue while boosting member retention rates.

Repurpose Your Existing Educational Content

Besides the new revenue streams it provides, digital learning gives organizations the opportunity to reuse and repurpose its pre-existing archive of educational content into more easily accessible chunks for paid (and repeated) online consumption.