Event Technology

Putting the “Unexpected” Back Into Attendee Expectations

Every event planner wants to believe that they can offer attendees a unique live event experience; that somehow their event will stand out from a sea of other events.

That line of thinking would be funny, if it weren’t so troubling.

It would seem that many of today’s event planners confuse variety in the “kind” of event they’re producing (be it a gala, conference, tradeshow, etc.) with uniqueness. As it turns out, what qualifies as “unique” to the event planner is, more often than not, “same old, same old” to the average event attendee. For them, live events, regardless of setting, ultimately follow the same series of pre-conceived expectations which, in turn, results in roughly the same type of experience. They’ll go somewhere, hear a speaker or two, participate in an (expected) activity, enjoy a meal and (if they’re lucky) a cocktail reception, and then go home. These expectations will then be carried over to their next attended event, where the only perceivable difference will be the content.

Just as they do with movies, regardless of whether it’s a somber period piece or big-budget summer blockbuster, attendees will, without fail, compare live events to one another. As unfair as it might seem, people will compare the boat show they attended last week to a town hall meeting they sat in on last month.

To use an analogy, the live event experience is like a bucket filled with similar expectations.

So just how does one create a truly unique event experience? In order to deliver something special, event planners need to press the reset button on stagnating attendee expectations. This means not only meeting them (at a bare minimum), but going BEYOND them – injecting an element of “unexpectedness” into traditional attendee expectations. And creating these moments of “unexpected expectations” in the minds of attendees can’t just happen at one fleeting moment during the event, lest it be forgotten. In order to deliver an incomparable event experience, they need to occur (and be reinforced) at every stage of the event program – from the time an attendee registers right through to the time they leave. And sometimes even beyond that.

Infusing cutting-edge and engaging technologies into your live event is a great way to shatter attendee expectations and to create a truly extraordinary experience. As game-changing technologies like artificial intelligence, wearables and virtual/augmented realities become more a part of the mainstream event conversation, the possibilities to increase not only attendee engagement, but sponsorship value and ROI as well, will become almost limitless. Creating the unexpected through the use of these new event technologies will surprise and delight your live event attendees at every turn and, in doing so, will help ensure that they come back to your event next year.

In today’s event space, innovation = relevance, especially in the eyes of Millennials who represent the next generation of event goers. If you aren’t modernizing the various components of your event through the use of technology, you can bet your competitors are, or soon will be. Simply put, the status quo is no longer an option. Let the professionals at Event Realms guide you on the latest and greatest event technology innovations and show you how their incorporation into each facet of your next live event program will help to ensure that your event stands out from the crowd.

Never one to add technology for the sake of adding it, we will, rather, customize an event technology package tailored to your specific business needs and objectives to help drive your event’s overall efficiency and innovation. Whether such a package includes solutions related to mobile applications, projection mapping, near field communication, drones, holograms, gamification or location-based services is not important. What IS important is that our suite of technology solutions will help you create an “expectation-shattering” experience for your attendees while streamlining and automating various aspects of your live event.

Whether simple or elaborate, our event technology solutions will help with such things as:

• Marketing your event
• Enabling onsite attendee experience-sharing “en masse” via social media

• Secure and convenient payment processing
• Capturing experience polling data on attendee preferences / crowd mood in real-time
• Registration and on-demand badge printing

• Equipping attendees with location-based applications to help them find their way around the event and points of interest in the surrounding area

• Adapting presentation styles / content “on-the-fly” based on audience needs / wants

• Crowd monitoring and recording of event footage for post-event promotion (i.e. drones)

• Facilitating attendee engagement with sponsors (i.e. allow attendees to interact with “virtual” products and visualize themselves using them via Augmented Reality)

• Streamlining attendee networking (i.e. find individuals based on needs / interests through the use of proximity-based, wearable technology)

• Lead retrieval and post-event integration with sales and marketing efforts
• Reporting and analysis of results