We provide full-service production of the following 3 types of events:

1 Live / In-Person Events
In some cases, it’s difficult to see eye-to-eye when you don’t meet face-to-face.  For those occasions when there is simply no substitute to being there in person, Event Realms will design creative and impactful live events – locally and internationally – that are second-to-none.  Find out how we can breathe new life into your live events.

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2 Digital / Virtual Events
Take your event 100% online!  No longer just an afterthought to enable remote participation, today’s digital events are unique experiences that deliver equivalent value, engagement, metrics and content relative to their live counterparts – all at a fraction of the cost!  What better way to drive value to event stakeholders and sponsors?

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3Hybrid Events
The best of both “realms”.  By combining an in-person event with elements of a digital event, two audiences can participate as one! We’re not talking about a camera in the back of a room. We’re talking about an engaging, fully interactive and shared experience between live AND remote attendees from ANYWHERE in the world.

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Live / In-Person Events

“When you gotta go, you gotta go!”

Not just a funny line from Jurassic Park (Youtube it!), this quote also applies to in-person events.  Sometimes, you just HAVE to be there – whether to meet a client, train staff, host delegates or exhibit at a prominent tradeshow.  And for those times when you do, Event Realms will be right there with you, providing A-to-Z fulfillment for virtually all types of face-to-face events.

As our slogan alludes however, just being at a live event is only half the battle.

Today’s live event audiences expect more than just an excuse to scarf down hors d’oeuvres while listening to an acronym-laced PowerPoint presentation.  They expect an “experience” tailored specifically to their digital and social lifestyles – one they can share, one that engages them and one with which they can interact.

On the other side of the attendee coin are those perennial live event-goers who may shy away from technologically infused events and whose enjoyment while attending comes from meeting and engaging face-to-face with their target audience via networking sessions, cocktail parties, etc.

We believe that creating demographically relevant yet awe-inspiring live event experiences is key in maximizing engagement and message retention amongst all attendees, while positively impacting our client’s brand image.  One thing is needed above all else in order to navigate today’s increasingly complex live event landscape – strategy development.  To that end, we dig deeper to find out:

– Who the audience is
– What the audience wants
– How the audience wants it
– How to deliver in a compelling and highly engaging format

Whether you’re looking for immediate help in live event fulfillment, developing a long term partnership with an external event management firm, or simply interested in a free consultation to discuss how to “futureproof” your current live event portfolio, Event Realms has the knowledge, resources and talent you need to maximize your in-person event investment.

Below is a list of some of the live event solutions we offer our customers:

• Trade Shows
• Conferences
• Seminars / Training Events
• Meetings
• Team Building Events
• Gala / Business Dinners
• Golf Tournaments
• Roadshows
• Press Conferences
• Not-For-Profit / Fundraising Events
• Event Technology Solutions (virtual / augmented reality, projection mapping, holograms, social media walls, wearables, near-field communication, etc.)

• Networking Events
• Product Launches
• Incentive Travel / Events
• Opening Ceremonies
• Themed Parties
• VIP Events
• Shareholder Meetings
• Award Ceremonies
• AGM’s / Board Meetings
• Event Consultation

Digital / Virtual Events

What if no one comes to my event?  This question keeps even the most seasoned event professional up at night.  Well, fear not.  Today, event success is about more than just the number of shadows that darken a venue’s doorway.  In fact, event success can be had with absolutely no one physically being there!

Fully online events are more popular than ever and fast becoming a real alternative to live events.  This has been fueled by such things as:

1) Near-daily advancements in computer and application technology
2) Proliferation of high speed internet access around the world
3) Increased globalization
4) Worldwide growth in the handheld device market
5) Declining audience attendance and engagement at in-person events resulting in low revenue growth
6) Ultra-realistic and engaging web-based environments
7) Society’s increased comfort level with the virtual world thanks to social media and gamification (Pokemon Go anyone?)

But perhaps the biggest single factor contributing to the growth of digital events has been a cost one – particularly those associated with traditional, in-person meetings and conferences.  According to a 2012 Economic Significance Study, direct spending for meetings totalled $280 billion in the U.S. alone – roughly half of which ($140 billion!) went to travel and tourism line items such as lodging, food services and transportation.  Such huge costs, coupled with shrinking (and more heavily scrutinized) travel and professional development budgets, have made live events a major expense for planners and attendees.

Digital events help to lower these high costs without sacrificing the core benefits of face-to-face events.  Ironically, the same thing that fuels success at a live, in-person event is also what drives virtual event success – real human engagement.  Bringing everyone into a digital environment to interact, innovate and learn together is not only a means of saving costs, but of realizing business and business-cultural goals that might not be achievable any other way.  Much like in a physical event, participants in an online event can attend presentations, have discussions with new and old colleagues and even earn continuing education credits.  They can also respond to polls, browse through the materials of sponsors and exhibitors, and share their expertise in forums – all while having a fun and engaging time!

And for those worried that a virtual event will syphon or “cannibalize” attendees and revenue from their physical event portfolio – don’t.  This is nothing more than a myth.  If anything, virtual events have been proven to have the exact opposite effect – whetting the appetite of their remote attendees for a more “real” experience and successfully converting them to future in-person event attendees.

With their immersive graphics and ability to track attendee activity and feedback in real time, 100% online events are proving to be a major disruptive force in today’s meeting and events industry.  In fact, at the current rate of virtual event adoption, one thing is for certain – the meetings and event industry in 10 years time will bear little resemblance to the one we know today.  Already, some of today’s largest corporations are converting their physical event spaces to 100% online ones – complete with virtual lobbies, auditoriums, exhibit halls and meeting rooms – where attendees can build their agenda, collaborate, play games, view sponsor materials and access immediate customer service and support at the click of a mouse.

Don’t be left behind.

Whether your live events are suffering from stagnating attendance or you simply need to test interest in an event you’ve been considering, fully digital / virtual events are a great way to maximize limited event resources while delivering amazing event experiences.

Event Realms is at the forefront of this event revolution and will help futureproof your current event portfolio to ensure your organization’s competitiveness and experiential marketing success for generations to come.  We are ready to “virtualize” your next event to help increase your ROI, expand your global reach and improve attendance and overall engagement.

Some of the different types of events that have shown success when transferred to a 100% online format include:

• Product Launches
• Sales Kick-off Meetings
• Town Hall Meetings
• Education & Certification Programs
• Job Fairs
• New Employee Onboarding
• Tradeshows
• And Much More!

Hybrid Events

Not too long ago, the expressions “standing room only” or “bums in every chair” might have been good descriptors of a well-attended and successful event.

They’re not anymore.

The truth is, no single room is sufficient enough to accommodate ALL of a live event’s potential attendees.  There will always be a large segment of one’s target market that couldn’t make it for whatever reason.  Previously viewed as little more than an afterthought (out of sight, out of mind), these non-attendees are today discounted at one’s peril.  Not only is this group simply too large to ignore (over 90% of an association’s members do not attend the annual general meeting), they are now more reachable than ever before.

That’s where hybrid events come in.

Predicted to be one of the big event trends over the next few years, hybrid events help organizations communicate one unified message to all audience members – whether in person or across the globe.  By “virtualizing” elements of their live event (keynotes, workshops, networking sessions, etc.) and making them available to a web-based audience, organizations can increase overall attendance by 2x or more!  In doing so, they also create a second tier of paying audience members and, with it, new opportunities for leads, sponsor exposure and value.  Moreover, for time and budget pressed non-attendees, hybrid events become a value added convenience rather than a consolation prize to being there in person.

And despite the fear that remote audiences will cannibalize live audiences over time, data suggests that in-person attendance actually increases or (at worst) remains the same when virtual audiences join in.

Creating great hybrid events requires seamless integration of technology and the ability to deliver a great experience to both live and virtual audiences.  No one understands this more than we do.  Whether you’re trying to cast a wider geographic net to support a growing event or are an international brand seeking to unite a globally dispersed staff, hybrid events offer the best of both event realms.

Some of the different types of hybrid event solutions we offer our clients include:

1) Mobile Application Development / Creation – Forget onsite reps and event websites; the app is now the information hub of an event.  With this in mind, we’ll build for you a portable and engaging hybrid experience around your live event that is fully branded and accessible anywhere, anytime, and across all platforms.  With such features as live streaming, agendas, polling, location based services and push messaging for important announcements, apps hold huge revenue potential in the form of sponsorships, rotating banner ads and, as seen with “Pokemon Go”, increasing in-person traffic.

2) Video Simulcasting – Livestream content from one or more sessions at a physical event and broadcast it to a virtual audience.  A few examples of this are: a) “virtual viewing parties” where regional office locations around the world are connected to a main physical event such as an AGM or b) “themed livestream broadcasts” that are produced onsite or in-studio and are modeled after television or talk shows complete with dedicated emcees/hosts and professional staging.  Both examples are extremely effective at engaging remote attendees.

3) Keynote Centers / Webcast Theatres – More than a one-off livestream, these act as content “hubs” for events and involve compiling multiple sessions and wrapping them in a more interactive and graphically pleasing virtual environment that compliments a physical event from a content perspective.  Sessions can be viewed by remote audiences on the site live via a satellite feed or recorded and viewed later on-demand using an ftp server.

4) Demo Centres – Video demonstrations or presentations made specifically for a virtual audience recorded onsite from a live event or pre-recorded.  These can be for any type of product or service – from technology to arts and crafts – and be made available on an event website or a dedicated microsite.  Incorporating an e-commerce engine to the backend or selling sponsorships can provide additional revenue streams.

5) Virtual Conferences – A large, graphically immersive and content-rich web-based environment which seeks to simulate as much as possible the experience of being at a physical event as well as its various components such as networking lounges, auditoriums, resource areas, meeting rooms, booths, etc.  One of the primary goals of virtual conferences is to create more opportunities for interaction and participation amongst attendees (both live and virtual).  This is usually achieved through the incorporation of chat functionality, social media integration, gamification and other means.

6) Virtual Classrooms and E-Learning – With education playing such a key role in events and an increasing number of attendees pursing continuing education units (CEU) and credits (CEC) towards their professional designation, the incorporation of virtual learning platforms in live events is a natural way for organizations to extend learning beyond a physical breakout room or convention floor while at the same increase overall event registration and revenue.  What’s more, virtual learning platforms offer a solution that answers the need on the part of younger professionals for a “Just-In-Time” learning environment that harnesses the informal learning styles of social networking, interactive and engaging gaming and the ability to personalize their learning journey.

7) Online Communities and 365 Virtual Environments – A unique and evolved hybrid experience!  These are interactive, ongoing web-based communities available year round where like-minded “residents” not only consume content (articles, podcasts, video, etc.) but leverage each other’s knowledge and strengths.  Replete with opportunities to collaborate with content experts and peers, community platform environments typically include a portal where virtual residents have exclusive access to an organization’s virtual or archived events.  These are a great way to organically expand one’s customer channel and membership base.

For all of the above solutions, we provide complete end-to-end fulfillment to ensure that your hybrid event delivers game-changing results.  These services include:

• Strategic Planning
• Technical Support
• Customized Creative
• Brand Integration
• Video Production and Streaming
• Budgeting
• Content Creation and Mapping
• Audience Engagement (Polling, Q&A, etc.)
• Platform Selection / Integration
• Speaker Sourcing and Training
• Marketing & Communications

• Monetization Strategy
• Moderator Training and Support
• Onsite Production
• Continuing Education Integration
• Sponsor / Partner Management
• Social Media Planning
• Virtual Activity Mapping
• A/V Production
• Registration
• Post Event Content and Engagement
• Key Metrics and Analysis